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The Excellence Symphony Orchestra is a unique entertainment experience encompassing a variety of musical styles, visual elements, and performance prowess. After his compositional work on the multi-nominated, multi-award winning, critically acclaimed short film "The Sweetest Girl", award winning composer Daniel Bartley Jr. brainstormed with his manager Mr. Crump a groundbreaking idea. Upon crystalizing the initial idea, they reached out to The Sweetest Girl team, and composer's Brandon Myrvil and Janice G. Muller. Thus The Excellence Symphony Orchestra was born.

The Excellence Symphony Orchestra embodies the pursuit of greatness to accomplish wonders. The "Re.la.tion.ship” project seeks to connect all people from every walk of life in an incredible experience of love, unity, harmony, & understanding. People value high level story telling, they engage in awe inspiring experiences. The Excellence Symphony Orchestra will be unforgettable. For more information & partnership opportunities please download our partnership pack below.

SG ThemeDBJ & Brandon Myrvil
00:00 / 01:50
Fanfare Brandon Myrvil
00:00 / 14:53



Manager: Michael R. Crump

Email: mrcmusic@yahoo.com

Phone: 954-557-5457

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